My problem with shopping

I fully admit I have a problem. They say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I don’t want to recover, so I’ll just stop at this point in recovery.

My biggest problem is my love of denim! In my jean armoire I have anywhere from American Eagle (who doesn’t love the artist fit?) to Adriano Goldschmied. I’m not one of those people that counts the pairs in the closet, or brags about the designer. But I’m fully guilty of annoying whoever I drag shopping with me when I make them check out my butt in no less than 20 pairs of jeans.

Right now I’m actually writing this waiting on the Paige sale to start on Gilt Groupe (19 minutes and counting). I’m hoping to get a pair of the Skyline ankle peg in Rebel. I blame seeing Ashley Greene in those for my obsession. I also have a list of jeans that I am waiting to be filled from suppliers, and those are what’s a real bummer. I have no patience and I really hate to wait.

I have also recently gotten into tank tops. I’m very self conscious of my arms, being an ex-gymnast I’m bulkier than most females. Not to mention I unfortunately inherited my dad’s muscle structure. But my workout partner told me they’re fine, so in a leap of faith I have invested. My favorite is this fuchsia pink one from Urban Outfitters.  One day I’ll eventually have a large post full of pictures. I just haven’t had time for a photo shoot with my bestie.



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2 responses to “My problem with shopping

  1. Haha, I think we could be best friends! I wait for the sales too and you know I can’t get enough denim 😀

    • We probably could be best friends! haha 🙂 Denim has become a serious problem for me, every time I get a new package it’s like Christmas! Really I just probably can’t get enough of clothes…and shoes…and accessories. ❤

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