Paige-ing Dr. Love

Ok, I really suck at coming up with headline’s for things. Trying to be clever isn’t really my thing, but it reminds me of when I was involved in journalism. Obviously, my cheesefactor has gone up since those days.

I have this not so new obsession with Paige Premium denim. I only have two pairs of the brand right now, but I am so ready to add more. The fit is exceptional, and the detail to fading/distressing is some of the best. I have some modeled photos of the Skyline in Rebel (that I was hoping to find on Gilt, and did!).

I have a lot of problems finding jeans that fit my hips and thighs and are still flattering. Let alone the rear view, that’s a whole other issue in itself. I run daily, and have large thighs thanks to years of gymnastic training…and getting fat a few times haha. I got a little creative today taking pictures of my jeans on a clothesline, dorky? Why yes I am 🙂

Great distressing on the hem!


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