Review: Juicy Couture Lock-It Larchmont Leather Shoulder Bag

I got this Lock-It Larchmont Leather Shoulder Bag from in late February. I had been eyeing it since before Christmas and it had finally went on sale. I was so excited when I got it, and I immediately started carrying it. Within two weeks the front panel had a place in the leather that was weak enough that if I caught it on anything it would tear a hole. Luckily that hasn’t happened, but the spot is so thin it wouldn’t take much.

Also parts of this bag have begun to turn blue! I’m not certain why this is happening. I took it to a leather repair shop and they thought it was the dye that was used. They also checked the weak spot and told me there was nothing that could be done. While the bottom of the bag is in excellent condition because I always hang my purses, these spots just can’t be explained.

Another problem I’ve had has been with rain. The rain stains the bag if it even gets one drop on it. I didn’t have a jacket to stuff it in one day and so I had to run to my car, these water spots have faded a bit but if you look close they’re still there.

This all being said, I love the interior of the bag! It’s so roomy, and the lovely purple color compliments the neutral beige tone so well. The pockets are handy and the shape is wonderful. Overall I was severely disappointed with this purse, and I know I’m not the only one. A friend has the exact same one and her’s has turned blue worse than mine has.


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