Fall/Winter 2010 Trend Watch: Nail Polishes

While I can’t paint my fingernails because of my future profession, I still can’t help from buying various polishes. Luckily pedicures aren’t outlawed for me, so I can indulge a little in the latest nail trends. Fall/Winter 2010 seems to be about the reds, grey colored plums, and sparkles. Some are holograms (seriously)! Which just blows my mind.

It seems as if everywhere I look people are raving about the Chanel Paradoxal color, which is in the top of this post. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and it makes me anxious for holiday parties. Butter has an ode to the late Alexander McQueen with their All Hail McQueen (a beautiful gold) and Bumster (a dijon yellow). I’m most in love with their purple Marrow color. And OPI took inspiration from the Swiss! Their collection is filled with various reds and blues, with some surprising colors thrown in.

Overall, I love these fall and winter colors, especially the purples and golds. I can’t wait to find some of these colors and try them out sooner rather than later.


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