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Shear Envy: Beach Waves

I have absolute envy when it comes to star’s and their beach style waves. Even though I’m sitting now in a messy bun (aka: gym hair) I can’t wait to wash it and try to replicate some of these looks for the millionth time. I wish I knew how they got them so smooth and shiny.

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Celebrity Spotlight: Ashley Greene

I love this girl! I honestly don’t care if she is (or isn’t) dating Joe Jonas, she’s gorgeous! Her body is absolutely amazing (she obviously works hard for it too!) and she dresses it in some of the most gorgeous designers. From Valentino, to Urban Outfitters she looks gorgeous in everything she wears.

Her style is closest to my own (or what I want it to be) which is why I had to have her be my first spotlight. I have caught myself studying photo’s of her just to find out that we have the exact same shirt, jeans, or pair of shoes!


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Workin’ On My Fitness

I’ve been training for a half marathon for almost a year now. I’m not entering the marathon like I once planned, but I have successfully became a gym rat again. I love doing yoga and spending quality time on the treadmill. To do that you have to have the right clothing. I used to think Fruit of the Loom sports bras, old oversized t-shirts, and soffee shorts from cheerleading were good to work out in. Since then I have realized I was beyond wrong.

Running requires a completely different bra than yoga would simply from the force of gravity on your breasts. I have since invested in more expensive versions but I couldn’t be any happier with the quality. Some of the clothes in this post I don’t own yet, but they’re on the way to me.

This is the Under Armour Endurance sports bra. It pretty much plasters your breasts down and keeps them from being jarred with every stride. LOVE IT.

This is the Fani Top from Body Language Sportswear. The straps in the back aren’t the traditional type, and I love that.

This is the Roma top from Body Language Sportswear. Again I love the back, and the color.

This is the X-back cami from Body Language Sportswear.

Sleeveless running top from Nike. You can just see on the fabric how well it will breathe.

This is the Daisey cami from Body Language Sportswear, I just love how the back is different.

Angelina Capri from Body Language Sportswear. Absolutely perfect for running, no worries of it crawling up.

Nike running short. These are my absolute favorite whenever it’s hot outside because they’re loose in the legs and they breathe so well.

Scrunch pant from Body Language Sportswear, I love the scrunch detail on these. It really helps to set them apart.


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The Smoke Out

From seeing all of these beautiful girls in their made up state, it inspired me to try to somewhat replicate all of these looks. The only thing they have in common is a pretty palate, and a smoky eye.

I decided to try and replicate Kristen Stewart’s the most. She looked stunning at this particular event, and her hair was to die for too! I started by washing and moisturizing my face with Murad pomegranate, and then followed with Smashbox photo finish. I then covered any blemishes with my Smashbox concealer, and then used Bare Minerals foundation. Since it’s summer and I sweat off most of my makeup quickly powder works better for me. If you’re a liquid foundation kind of girl, I will suggest using a Mac foundation, or the Dior airbrush foundation. I then used Nars blush in Orgasm. I have been using that blush for years and it is the most flattering, and works on almost every skin type!

Before starting on your eyes use a eyelid primer. I like the ones from Bare Minerals, Too Faced, and Clinique. I then used a darker pink from Jane that I’ve had far too long, I used Too Faced eye shadow in a very pretty gold for the crease. DuWop makes a good serum to use and mix with an eye shadow to make the black liner I used. I then used Clinique high impact curling mascara, and Bare Minerals Buxom lash mascara to emphasize my lashes. I always end with the Buxom lash because it is a rubber brush and seperates my lashes so I don’t have to use an eyelash comb.

I did this in under 5 minutes, so it isn’t very good or blended well. Blending is a very important part of the smoky eye. I like to use foam applicators or q-tips if I’m desperate.

And presenting the finished product!


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Everyone is already aware that the Hollywood premiere of Eclipse happened this week, unless they’re living under a rock. Even if you don’t like the series, actors, or hype you can’t deny that the stylists have some serious skill with these people. There were some outfits that were questioned, but would it really be a red carpet without a don’t?

Kristen Stewart killed it in the Elie Saab mini-dress she wore, completed with some gorgeous Louboutin heels. I love the fact that she dresses for her body. She’s incredibly lithe and on the thinner side and always rocks her gams. And for good reason, they’re gorgeous!

Oh Robert Pattinson, where to start with him. I personally do not like this Gucci outfit he’s wearing. The maroon while it compliments his skin tone, is hideous. He’s so handsome, and this just kind of turns me off. And that says something considering I like to joke that I would ride him into the sunset.

Taylor Lautner, how glad I am that you’re legal now. I don’t feel like a dirty pervert thinking he’s hot as hell. Who really cares who he’s wearing, just that he’s wearing it damn good!

For a few seconds I need to talk about the crazy beautiful dress that Mama Cullen (Elizabeth Reaser) was wearing. It’s hard to believe that she’s could ever play someone’s mother on screen. This dress is from Zuhair Murad, and it is fabulous!

I can’t believe what a little lady that Dakota fanning has grown into. This Elie Saab dress is gorgeous, but it’s just like so many other dresses she’s worn. Total bummer.

Here’s one of the mishaps in my opinion, Nikki Reed’s Marchesa dress looks more like it’s suited for figure skating. I love figure skating, and this dress while beautiful is not suited for a premiere! I imagine the theme music to be Swan Lake.

While Nikki looked like she should be on ice, her on screen other half Kellan Lutz looked like he should be in a photo shoot. He is beautiful, and looks like sex on a stick. Dolce and Gabbana thank you so much for making this tux.

Jackson Rathbone, is wearing who knows what. All I know is that his hair is under control, he looks hot, and that just isn’t him controlling my emotions.

Lastly we have Ashley Greene. She is wearing a dress that looks like a bed sheet from Alexis Mabile, and Louboutin heels. I love this girl more than I can say. She is so beautiful, and I normally love everything she wears since we have the same style most of the time. Chances of me just writing a full blog about her and her style are pretty high.


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My problem with shopping

I fully admit I have a problem. They say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I don’t want to recover, so I’ll just stop at this point in recovery.

My biggest problem is my love of denim! In my jean armoire I have anywhere from American Eagle (who doesn’t love the artist fit?) to Adriano Goldschmied. I’m not one of those people that counts the pairs in the closet, or brags about the designer. But I’m fully guilty of annoying whoever I drag shopping with me when I make them check out my butt in no less than 20 pairs of jeans.

Right now I’m actually writing this waiting on the Paige sale to start on Gilt Groupe (19 minutes and counting). I’m hoping to get a pair of the Skyline ankle peg in Rebel. I blame seeing Ashley Greene in those for my obsession. I also have a list of jeans that I am waiting to be filled from suppliers, and those are what’s a real bummer. I have no patience and I really hate to wait.

I have also recently gotten into tank tops. I’m very self conscious of my arms, being an ex-gymnast I’m bulkier than most females. Not to mention I unfortunately inherited my dad’s muscle structure. But my workout partner told me they’re fine, so in a leap of faith I have invested. My favorite is this fuchsia pink one from Urban Outfitters.  One day I’ll eventually have a large post full of pictures. I just haven’t had time for a photo shoot with my bestie.


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Eye Witness

After having a conversation with my father-in-law about the closet he will let me design, then build  I got inspired. We discussed a drawer for all of my sunglasses, which are just one of my obsessions. I don’t have many designer sunglasses to put in there now, but these three pairs will be added to my collection (and soon hopefully).

First up, the DSquared2 0005 model. It’s a classic squared aviator shape, with a plastic frame. The bridge has a metal piece that I think ties the look together. I really want the tortoise, with brown lenses. They’re nearly a $400.00 pair of glasses, so they’re going to take some time to get.

I don’t know how I feel about these Burberry oversized square frames. I’m a big fan of Burberry in general, so I’m apt to appreciate and covet these. They run at about $190 so they will most definitely be bought before the Dsquared, but I just don’t know when I’ll get them.

Lastly, my absolute favorite pair that I want more than words can say. The Jee Vice Red Hot from their OC collection, is a square plastic frame that is huge. I absolutely love these and they can be seen on many celebrities. I have included a picture of Ashley Greene (from Twilight) wearing them. They are $275 on the Jee vice website, and I seriously CAN’T wait to order them. I have started to many times and for some reason stopped myself.

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